I created this blog out of my desire to write.  The nice thing about blogging is the communication it affords us to write about things that are on our minds.  As you will quickly see, I am a strongly opinionated conservative unafraid, unlike so many other conservatives who don’t bother to vote on election day, to stand up for what I believe in.  This is America. I respect everyone’s right to speak their mind and I welcome opposing viewpoints. If an opposing viewpoint is compelling enough, I can be swayed to change my position because I was presented with an alternative that perhaps I had not considered before. There is always a sense of right and wrong inherent in each of us. What I find problematic is how Liberals and Conservatives can be so upside down on what we believe is right and wrong. So if by chance my posts are offensive to any one, I do not mean to be offensive.  Nonetheless, I do not apologize. My intention is to persuade. To present a point of view that might be more logical than the opposing view that you have. Otherwise, you have the option to try to persuade me with logic. As Americans every one of us has an absolute responsibility to play the part….. and not be played.

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