U.S. Government Default Coming to a Home Near You

It’s Your Fault.  No, It’s Your Fault.

Ok…. I’m up since about 3:00 AM and what am I thinking about?  Our crappy government.  You know, the one that more resembles the Keystone Kops than anything else.  So I start to think about the “what ifs.” WHAT IF  the government is unable to reach an agreement on the funding of Obamacare and then can’t reach an agreement about raising the debt ceiling?  WHAT IF the U.S. defaulted on its debts?

Historically, we have in fact twice defaulted.  First in 1790, and next during the Great Depression in 1933.  The United States survived both.  We have been delaying the inevitable for far too long, and the longer we delay the pain we must endure at some point, the more painful it will be when it comes.  Eventually, the rest of the world will tire of the U.S. financial shenanigans and economic irresponsibility.  Currently, our “kick the can down the road” approach is aided by the fact that all we need to do is simply print more money, which we are doing at will.  So we’re printing money, deflating the value of the dollar, maxing out our credit like shopaholics over and over again, and then getting the bank to raise our credit limit over and over again, with no real means, OR INTENTION, it seems to ever pay down our debt.  How long do we really think China and our other creditors are going to continue funding our irresponsible gluttony?  What are we sacrificing behind the scenes to placate them?  Does government E.V.E.R. consider the consequences, and if so, does government simply not care what those consequences are?   Personally, I know what the consequences would be if I managed my own household the way our government manages theirs, and none of them are good.  Eventually, someone will be sitting in the Oval Office at the precise moment when the can cannot be kicked down the road any further.   All sides, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, etc. as well as our creditors, comprehend that you can only kick the can so far before someone has to pick it up.

It is no secret that there is a great divide in our country, and I will forego any semblance of political correctness here and say that it hinges on among other things; the widening of differences between liberal and conservative core values and —- yes, political hatred.  In fact it may even be safe to say that our government is entirely engulfed in and blinded by political hatred.   They are certainly behaving that way.   To deny this woefully obvious political hatred is to deny what we are witnessing before our very eyes every single day in the media.  They may not be coming right out and saying it, but hey, it is what it is.

So, “WHAT IF” Republicans’, disdain for Barack Obama is so deep that they decide now is the perfect time to force us to pick up the can under Obama’s watch?  WHAT IF they see this as the only chance in Hell to reverse the socialist direction Obama is steering the country?  Just as out of control spending has plunged us into a pain now versus a pain later ultimatum, so too are the consequences of a default.  If there is a default, it will absolutely be painful, and on a global scale.  The debris will clutter the airwaves with never ending finger pointing at the other side for creating the carnage.  The reality is there will be more than enough blame to go around because government has been run with the same irresponsible financial foolishness for decades, regardless of which party occupied The People’s House.   The practice of buying votes to obtain power comes with a price and it has cost us dearly.  If there is a default, the final outcome must be a fundamental return to fiscal responsibility.  If not, and we continue “business as usual,” then there may be no limit to the dire consequences we face.

If a default does  occur and we do suffer a catastrophic economic collapse, Barack Obama can be assured that his legacy will not be secured solely on the basis of being the first African/American president.  American history will judge Barack Obama harshly.  There will be no “Job well done” following his name in the history books.  Regardless of one’s politics, true leadership transcends and overcomes human faults and differences and brings people together for the common good.  Barack Obama has failed miserably and he has mistaken stubbornness for leadership.

We are at an undeniable crossroad and we could be witnessing a critical piece of American history unfolding right before our eyes.

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