Tax-Free Retirement Income? YES !!! ( Part I )

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t make a blog entry like this since it’s promotional in nature, however, and realistically, its importance gives me no choice.  I am now on a crusade. I’m 58 years old and am in excellent health, thank God.  I’m retired and living off my very small pension, 100% of which is used to […]

U.S. Government Default Coming to a Home Near You

It’s Your Fault.  No, It’s Your Fault. Ok…. I’m up since about 3:00 AM and what am I thinking about?  Our crappy government.  You know, the one that more resembles the Keystone Kops than anything else.  So I start to think about the “what ifs.” WHAT IF  the government is unable to reach an agreement […]

How Television Portrays the Male Gender

Television shows and commercials are two extremely powerful influences upon our young people. Particularly troubling with respect to what these mediums are teaching our youth is that men / fathers and nearly all male characters are weak, foolish, immature, bumbling idiots, while most of the mothers and other female characters are depicted as the strong, […]

Not One….. Not Two….. but Three Scandals for our Hope and Change President

Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America.  It’s astonishing how people will try to defend their vote TWICE when there is absolutely zero substance to this guy.  He could not run on his record for re-election so he employed the “divide and conquer” tactic by demonizing Mitt Romney and the wealthy, claiming […]

Obama’s Budget – Few Spending Cuts But Going Right After Our IRA’s

Why is creating a national budget where government must not spend beyond its means so totally absurd? Obviously, getting Obama to agree to any kind of entitlement spending cuts is completely out of the question so we have to ask, what must the tax rate for Americans be in order to eliminate our debt in […]

Boy Scouts to Lift Ban on Gay Members ?

It has been several days since I last posted, but this topic that has recently been in the news prompted some profound thoughts.  Frankly, while I am in complete agreement that there should be no quality of life discrimination of any sort based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc., we have to recognize […]

Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 4)

There is far too much to be able to get our arms around it all.  We have real internal problems that are not being addressed, or else they are being addressed in radical, counter-productive ways.  Our government outright refuses to secure our borders and is blind to the monumental detriment it is having on our […]

Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 3)

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of my opinion that America has lost her way, and continuing with the daunting task to keep it simple, I’ll address just one question.  Who really decides who America is? As we all know from our Pledge of Allegiance we are a Republic which means “We The People” vote for […]

Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 2)

My last post ended with the question “What does it take to actually shape a country like America and give it definition?” Power.  We must understand and realize the role that power plays in the direction the country will go.  For the sake of this discussion we will acknowledge wealth and power are two sides […]

Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 1)

How is it possible for an entire country to lose focus of who we are as a nation?  It is simply my opinion that America is embroiled in its own identity crisis.  The America the world once knew, once understood, once respected, and the country our enemies once feared, is no more. From here I […]