Boy Scouts to Lift Ban on Gay Members ?

It has been several days since I last posted, but this topic that has recently been in the news prompted some profound thoughts.  Frankly, while I am in complete agreement that there should be no quality of life discrimination of any sort based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc., we have to recognize that people are different.  Society recognizes and largely accepts these differences, particularly with regards to gender issues.  We have the Boy Scouts of America and we have the Girl Scouts of America.  Like it or not, the genders are different, and by definition are male and female, at least in this century.  Why do we accept that there are separate lavatories in public buildings, and separate shower facilities at gymnasiums?   Why do we have separate bedrooms for brothers and sisters?   Let’s also not be naïve to think it is only for the sake of privacy.  Why doesn’t every parent allow co-ed slumber parties?.. and etc. and etc. and etc.   Are we really that simple minded to think there is no parallel between these questions and why there is a ban on gays in the Boy Scouts?  Should this proposal be enacted, it’s just a matter of time before it would be extended to scout leaders.

However, the two genders are not different in one very important respect.  We are both human and as such are subject to the influence of whatever instinctive human emotions and human feelings that are created by our surroundings.  Is there anyone reading this who can deny that a person’s sex drive is one of the strongest human emotions?

As for the dilemma facing the Boy Scouts, let’s suppose that some enterprising group did in fact establish a similar organization to the scouts but made it exclusively for members and leaders who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and just for the sake of being purely non-exclusional, trans-gendered members.  I doubt there would be any opposition to this whatsoever from either the gay or straight communities.

With the push to institutionalize gay marriage, I can’t help but think what’s next?  Will there be a ban on “Boys’ or Girls’ Night Out,” with the political correctness police out in full force hitting all the bars, and card games in town to make sure there’s someone from the other gender in attendance?  The possibilities are almost endless.  So I’m left to wonder what’s in store for the evolution of the human race and whether or not we are inching our way towards every person being born a hermaphrodite with no defined sexual orientation whatsoever; that is should Mother Earth survive us for that long.  Oh my, did I just say, “Mother” Earth?  Heaven help us all.

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