Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 4)

There is far too much to be able to get our arms around it all.  We have real internal problems that are not being addressed, or else they are being addressed in radical, counter-productive ways.  Our government outright refuses to secure our borders and is blind to the monumental detriment it is having on our culture and our economy.  I consider the policy of open borders the most critical problem with the severest consequences to our economic strength and our national security.  Government’s refusal to defend our own borders is unforgivable.  However, the open border policy, and entitlements to illegal immigrants, is fondly embraced by Liberals who seem to be more sympathetic towards foreigners than they are to our own citizens.  It is nothing short of shameful that the deluge of illegal immigrants through our southern borders remains unchecked, and further that our own U.S. Government by way of the Justice Department has actually gone so far as to sue the State of Arizona for daring to defend its border when the federal government continues to fail to do so.

So I ask again, “What is really going on in America?”  Is anyone asking that question?  Does anyone care that our culture continues to erode into something our Forefathers would never recognize?  There is no assimilation of foreigners into American culture.  But it’s already too late because the American culture I refer to existed a long time ago and in fact is no more.  We have failed miserably to safeguard our identity by defending our borders, our language, and our culture.  This is eloquently discussed by author, Michael Savage, in “The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture.

Honestly.  Think about it.  Why do foreigners want to COME TO America?  The answer is obvious.  They don’t like where they COME FROM.  When they arrive, they make no effort to assimilate.  When we consider the numbers of foreigners entering America, both legally and illegally, with literally no restrictions, it’s only a matter of time before we simply lose complete control of our population.

Let’s try to imagine that the Conservative ideology just went away and Liberals had carte blanch.  America would implode in a New York minute.  The problem with Liberalism is it is inherently narcissistic and is fixated on immediate gratification.  It has little, if any regard for long term consequences or the wisdom of the framers of our Constitution, particularly with respect to our 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

I am not condemning all Liberal causes.  There have been some that have proved to be just and moral, such as ending racial discrimination.  The fact that there was a time in American history when human beings would “own” other human beings as slaves is repulsive and it makes me want to puke.   On the other hand, there are issues where Liberals clearly suffer from political schizophrenia, being steadfastly against the death penalty, yet are just as steadfastly in favor of killing the unborn, the latter exemplifies the narcissistic nature and immediate gratification tenets of my last comment.

Getting back to open borders, and the Liberal disregard for long term consequences; will Liberals ever grasp the idea that not everyone entering America has visions of lollipops and roses and taking advantage of the land of opportunity, and working hard and contributing to American society and raising a law abiding family giving them a better life etc. etc. etc.  Liberals want it both ways.  They want open borders and they want to be safe and secure.  How is that accomplished?  A Liberal would answer, “Don’t be stupid.  That’s what the government is for. “

What is really going on in America?  Liberals seem to be intent on dismantling American culture piece by piece one Constitutional Amendment of our Bill of Rights at a time.  Who can honestly deny that the future of America is at risk?  We have a president with a clearly Socialist agenda with obscenely immoral spending, massive indebtedness to  China, back-door handshake deals with the Russians weakening our national defense, same-sex marriage, on-demand abortions, mandated social welfare programs that are bankrupting cities and states, the systematic disarming of American citizens by Executive Order in direct violation of our 2nd Amendment, the threat of unmanned, armed drone aircraft killing Americans on American soil without their Constitutional right to Due Process according to the 14th Amendment, a growing Muslim population, many of whom are radical Islamist extremists, the highest corporate tax rate on the planet that continues to drive companies and jobs overseas, etc. etc. ad infinitum.  It’s astonishing that Liberals find none of this disturbing, shocking, or in any way, shape or form threatening to our way of life.  The concept of long term consequences never enters the mind of a Liberal.  (More singing of Kumbaya can be heard in the background behind Barack Obama playing his role as the Pied Piper.)  Liberals are almost child-like with their irresponsible, ego-centric, it’s mine, I want it now, and I’m entitled to it, nature.

What is really going on in America is exactly what our enemies are waiting for.  We are destroying ourselves from within and we are in fact co-conspirators, complicit, and culpable.  The only chance America has to survive is through a Conservative uprising to defend this great nation and restore sanity, order and our culture.  Do I think it’s possible?  Absolutely but it is going to take a Conservative with incredible leadership, respect, strength, uncompromised integrity, common sense, and faith in God to awaken and motivate the sleeping giant and restore America as the example to the world she once was. The alternative will be our children all being taught speak Chinese, or Russian, or Arabic by a new government that jealously defends it’s borders, language, and culture.

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