Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 3)

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of my opinion that America has lost her way, and continuing with the daunting task to keep it simple, I’ll address just one question.  Who really decides who America is?

As we all know from our Pledge of Allegiance we are a Republic which means “We The People” vote for our government leaders.  Our leaders presumably all represent the interests of the people who put them in office.  What are the interests of “We The People?”  This is the EXACT point where the line dividing us begins to be drawn.  We are a diverse people but over time, there is less and less common ground between the two ideologies, and the critical issues that both sides are steadfastly committed to and which were mentioned in Part 2 of this topic, are diametrically opposed to each other.  Whatever common ground that are agreed upon by Liberals and Conservatives, is just not strong enough.  These critical issues are coming to a head and it seems with each passing day, there is more and more agitation by one side or the other and only adds to the division.

It is regrettable that we have a president who has given up, or perhaps he never had as his agenda, to bring us together.  We are a capitalist society, at least for now, but he continually champions the concept of the oppressive and demonic 1% controlling, oppressing, exploiting, and victimizing the righteous 99%.  It’s all part of the recipe to convert America to Socialism.    The recipe calls for all of this to occur while the giant is asleep.  Make no mistake, the fact that we have moved as far to the to the left as we already have, is all the evidence we should need to realize the chef is hard at work in the kitchen.   The sleeping giant, those of us with Conservative and traditional values, are sitting in a huge pot of water.  With just the right ingredients added and just the right height of the flame, we would in fact be boiled and cooked without even realizing it.  However, there is something wrong with the president’s recipe because there’s rumblings going on inside that pot but we need to wake up before it’s too late.

There is always a plan for the country in the mind of whoever sits in the Oval Office.  He or she has a limited number of years to accomplish that plan.  From the onset, we can see the path to Socialism that President Obama wants for America.  Because the Conservative segment of our population does not favor Socialism, it is a fair assumption that when our democratic process is by-passed enough times through Executive Orders and Liberal judges continuing the trend of legislating from the bench to further the Liberal agenda, that something’s got to give.  People can only be pushed so far before they push back.

The government has every resource at its disposal to project the outcome of any scenario, from war games to cornflakes and everything in between.  If anyone really believe the effort to create more gun control is all about preventing another Newtown, CT, or Aurora, CO, they are mistaken.  First, it’s absurd and totally inconceivable that more gun control would curb gun violence.  The only people who would obey gun control laws are the law abiding, not those who would use them unlawfully.  No.  The movement to ban AR-15 style weapons is joined at the hip with the Department of Homeland Security’s new program of buying up billions of rounds of ammunition.  Isn’t anyone bothering to ask what the rationale is for this?

The Push Back: Are we that naive to believe that we are too “grown up” to experience another civil uprising in this country?  It should be as plain on the nose on everyone’s face that the government is not so naive and is already taking steps to thwart the opposition.  At some point in our future, there will come a time when Americans will have to once more fight for our freedoms, and if you think that’s crazy, just remember that the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, banned the sale of large sized soft drinks.  Yes, the ban was struck down, but he has filed an appeal.  This should be a wake up call that we have elected leaders who have run amok and will not hesitate to trample upon our freedom.  Today it’s a large soda.  Big deal, right?  You’re damned right it’s a big deal.  At approximately the same time, the state of New York banned weapons that have a capacity to hold more than seven rounds of ammunition.  We are being played in a big way while our Liberal friends are singing Kumbaya.  Let’s not forget why our 2nd Amendment exists in the first place.

This post began with the question, “Who really decides who America is?”   It is the group with the most power at any particular moment in time, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the party that occupies the White House.

The next question I will address in Part 4 of Has America Lost Her Way is, “What is really going on inside America?”   Stay tuned.

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