Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 2)

My last post ended with the question “What does it take to actually shape a country like America and give it definition?”

Power.  We must understand and realize the role that power plays in the direction the country will go.  For the sake of this discussion we will acknowledge wealth and power are two sides of the same coin and that the two major political parties are the power holders.  To make it even more complex is the role the medial plays.  I’m also going to make a stretch and classify Hollywood as a subset of the media.  Where I don’t think it’s a stretch is to state that the media and Hollywood are both powerful and influential and overwhelmingly Liberal.

So the forces are in play to further the Liberal agenda and the Democrats are in lock-step partnership with the media.  In essence the deck is stacked against the Conservative ideology.   There are many, many social, economic, and moral issues that separate Liberal and Conservative ideologies.  The fact that these ideologies can be so completely upside down from each other is almost incomprehensible.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of this topic, I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears the talking heads on both sides describe the other as “psychos,” “wackos,” “crazies,” “lunatics,” etc.  So there you have it; so-called mature intellectuals completely and unequivocally incapable of grasping the rationale of the other side’s unwavering belief that their ideology is the correct ideology.

The issues dividing the masses are not trivial by any means.  We are, at least at the present time, a capitalist society.  Our economy is the source of our strength.  However, the tax and spend policies brought forth by President Obama have done little to strengthen our economy as we experience slow growth, monumental debt, continued unemployment, uncontrolled illegal immigration, never-ending welfare and entitlement programs, misguided aid to foreign countries, Obamacare, etc.  These factors all have the tacit, if not outspoken approval of Liberals.  There is an underlying belief by the left that whatever President Obama does, it is right, it is legal and it must be good for the country.  There is literally zero opposition by Liberals to anything the president says or does.  Even when there is overwhelming evidence that demand answers, the Liberal media does its best to stifle the question.  Can we say Benghazi?  Can we say arms to Syrian rebels —> al-Qaeda?  Apparently those questions remain unacceptable to ask.  Why is the left not asking these questions?  The answer to that is crystal clear.

Why is a projected national debt of $20,000,000,000,000 (20 Trillion) by the end of the Obama presidency good for the United States?  Why was about half of that under George Bush, in the words of President Obama, “unpatriotic and immoral?”  While Liberals are in complete denial about the destructive nature of their Obama-led Socialist – yes, I said it, Socialist – ideology, Conservatives are frantically wondering where, are the adults?   Since history has proven time and again that Socialism is destined to fail, the only possible explanation there could be as to why President Obama is hell-bent on leading us down that path is that he truly believes he is different.  He is somehow better than the other notorious champions of failed Socialist countries, that he can somehow pull it off and in doing so, create a new and everlasting successful Socialist society in America.  Liberals are either not thinking ahead or they are not thinking at all.

Understand that the issues dividing us are not trivial or benign in nature.  They are not issues like whether or not we should abandon Daylight Savings Time.  They are the issues of same-sex marriage, gun control and the erosion of our Bill of Rights, armed unmanned drones surveilling our cities for subversives, and what is the Liberal definition of a subversive?   These and many others are serious, critical, issues that will define us as a nation and are polarizing to the extreme; and that’s assuming the nation actually survives itself.  Stay tuned for Part 3.

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