Has America Lost Her Way? (Part 1)

How is it possible for an entire country to lose focus of who we are as a nation?  It is simply my opinion that America is embroiled in its own identity crisis.  The America the world once knew, once understood, once respected, and the country our enemies once feared, is no more.

From here I will proceed under the assumption that the above is true.  So what happened to America?

First let’s look at what is going on in America.  We recognize that we are fractured into two different core, Liberal and Conservative.  Some may claim they conform to a Moderate ideology, however, I believe these numbers are quite small in comparison and are even made up of people who actually adhere to one or the other but who are more comfortable being apolitical and don‘t want to be identified with one side or the other.  So for the sake of discussion, we will consider just the two since there are two main political parties that make up our government and that conform, for the most part, to the two different ideologies.  Most Americans realize that Democrats are generally Liberal and Republicans are generally Conservative.  No secret there.

If you’re not quite certain what some of the different Liberal and Conservative values are in today’s day and age, just do a web search and you’ll find many references that list them.

What I find interesting is the fact that Liberals and Conservatives believe the other side is made up of people who are mentally disturbed and have no clue what the difference is between right and wrong.  If nothing else, it sure does make excellent fodder for some interesting debates.  However, until there is a core understanding of a single morality and how Liberal and Conservative values conform to that morality, the debate is destined to rage on forever.

What I believe lies at the root of why America has lost her way is the division between America’s people and the perpetual struggle between Liberals (Democrats) and Conservatives (Republicans) to control the path America should be on.  I’ve seen the ideology pendulum swing in both directions over the course of my life but never has there been as wide a division between America’s people as there is in the current day.  I see this as a very dangerous trend in America in that perhaps we are no longer viewed by our world neighbors as being as united a United States as we once were.  I believe this allows for our neighbors to view us as weaker, if not even vulnerable.  Adding to the weaker image America projects is the fact that we’re a country on the brink of bankruptcy.  The last time we as a people became united again was after the attacks on 9/11.  Whether we have become too complacent about that tragic day in our history is a great topic for another post.

So what does it take to actually shape a country like America and give it definition?  Indeed I have an opinion which I will disclose in my next installment of “How Did America Lose Her Way?”

I realize this is only my second blog post and I’m not sure anyone is actually seeing it but if you happen to stumble across this post, I’d be very interested in knowing what your opinions are and whether you agree or not with my thoughts that America has lost her way.  What we need more of in America is an honest dialog among its people to try to understand the rationale for supporting Liberal or Conservative values, and get behind the leaders who most represent the best interests of all Americans.  Your comments are most welcome.

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