Blogging: The Fix for the Writing Addicted

I’ve had quite a passion for writing that started when I was still in high school.  Even at the age of about 17 or 18, I dabbled in writing poetry and at one point thought I would actually pursue a career in writing.  As I traversed through college, little did I know that being a writer would be a by-product of my actual profession as a law enforcement officer, first as a State Trooper with the Maine State Police and finishing up as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (N.C.I.S.) – yes, just like the television show.

During the course of my career, I was responsible for investigating complex crimes running the gamut from burglary to homicide and everything in between.  What you see on TV whenever you watch a crime drama is everything EXCEPT for what takes up most of an investigator’s time.  After all, who wants to spend 30 minutes watching an investigator sitting at his computer while putting together his ROI (Report of Investigation) complete with IA’s (Investigative Action) reports, pasting Exhibit and Attachment tags to the paper hard copies?  And let’s not forget about the monumental task of properly bagging, tagging, marking, and logging every piece of evidence and completing countless ECDs (Evidence Custody Documents) after a major crime scene.

Nonetheless, aside from completing the ECDs (Evidence Custody Documents) and I did somehow manage to be assigned as the NCISRA (Naval Criminal Investigative Service Resident Agency) evidence custodian at four of my six duty stations, I confess that I actually enjoyed writing my investigative reports.   In fact, it really wasn’t until I started getting accolades from prosecutors for my thorough and accurate investigative reports that I started to think I might have a knack for writing.

While assigned to NCISRA Iwakuni, Japan I received a phone call from my brother that our dad passed away.  He lived in Florida and I would be coming in from literally the opposite side of the planet.  Without getting profoundly personal, I took it upon myself to write my father’s eulogy.  Eulogizing my father at his service, and actually getting through it, was quite an accomplishment.  When I was done, I just knew that my father would have approved.  Since my father’s passing, I wrote and gave two other eulogies, the last being my mother’s.

Now that I’m retired and no longer writing investigative reports, and hopefully not another eulogy for a long, long while, there’s been a bit of a writing void since then and so that’s the sole reason for delving into the not so new world of blogging.   I hope the diverse and controversial nature of some of the interesting topics I will write about will entice some of you to share your thoughts and contribute to what I hope will be a dynamic and interesting blog.

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